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 Different Standards [Cody and Graham (crackers)]

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PostSubject: Different Standards [Cody and Graham (crackers)]   Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:07 am

Geting out was always a principle of Cody's. He wasn't the kind of guy who could spend the whole day in one definate place. He needed to move, breathe some fresh air, do something. Much like the cat he was curious, but prepared enough to not lead himself to death. Years of training prepared him to be strong and ready for anything--not that a walk to the next town over required any of that. A trip from Forget-Me-Not Valley to Mineral Town was barely anything, except for a scenic trip filled with beautiful landscapes.

Taking a deep breath Cody sucked in the clean country air, before exhaling and letting it all back out. For a moment he took off his simple black glasses and rubbed them on his shirt to get them semi-clean. It was weird to him to wear his glasses, but his sensitive eyes could only stand contacts so long. One thing was certain. His glasses made him look smarter than he actually was. Part of him couldn't help but feel bad for all of the smart people in world that seemed to look dumber than him without glasses. It wasn't his fault and they probably didn't care, but he did. He's just that weird of a guy.

Mineral Town was nicely wooded and apparently had a library. Being who he was, he wanted to see if he could raise his IQ a bit. Reading was apparently a smart person activity, so it should make him smarter. Right? The first part of that was actually getting to the library though.

Quote :
Kazumi couldn't help but feel a bit nervous around Cody. He was unlike anyone she had ever seen before. His voice was smooth, his skin fair and his hair the perfect shade of brown. But his eyes had to be the most wonderful thing about his looks. Yes, he was like a giant Ken doll.

I love you Kazu. ♥♥♥♥
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PostSubject: Re: Different Standards [Cody and Graham (crackers)]   Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:35 am

"I don't even know what I'm doing here." Graham pinched the bridge of his nose. He was wandering. Not lost. Just...ambling about. Totally needlessly. Not like he didn't have work to do or things to get accomplished. He was just putting those off. And he knew he would kick himself for it later. But at that moment he was finding it hard to care.

About anything, really. But work was at the top of the list that day.

Graham turned his head to look over his shoulder. As he did, he bumped into someone. "Sorry," he muttered under his breath, and turned away again.

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Different Standards [Cody and Graham (crackers)]
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