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 Birthdays and Bat Mitzvah

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PostSubject: Birthdays and Bat Mitzvah   Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:41 pm

Kay so I was at a lot of (three is a lot for me) parties this weekened. ANDIMHIGHONSUGAR and we ate a lot of cake ;D ....or atleast I did.

So on saturday it was Miranda's birthday so we popped balloons (which im never going to do again because my ears hurt ;n;) then we went swimming for three hours

THEN WE PLAYED SUPER SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL. i still chose Peach although I only won one game. just to let you know I swear a lot when I play that game xD. So i replaced it with crap and Heck xD


So yea ;D

Then the next day was my dad's birthday <3. I gave him a super mushy letter, and gave him a hug C:. Then it was Arielle's Bat Mitzvah. (I didn't go to the ceremony the day before since it was Miranda's party)

I HAD A GREAT TIME. We ate a lot of sugar, danced, and some of us played tag. Luckily I was wearing flats instead of high heels C:.

But I had a great dinner <3. i got so much candy I don't know what to do with it. PLUS I GOT A LOT OF ACCESSORIES.



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Birthdays and Bat Mitzvah
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