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 Korea :3

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PostSubject: Korea :3   Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:32 am

Hi everyone! ^^ I don't think I've announced it on harvest dreams yet, but I'm in Korea for the summer again. I finally have some time to post, so I decided to tell you guys how my trip is going so far. Oh, and excuse me if I do the wrong punctuation or spell something wrong, it's really hard to type on an itouch -.- anyway.... I got to see my family again, who were all excited to see me, as usual. They were also excited to know that I made it into university. One of my cousin's daughter loves the kpop girl group, girls' generation, so I bought concert tickets for us and we're going to see them in concert in a few weeks. She calls me literally every other day to thank me for buying her tickets. She's such a cutie >3< anyway, I visited my grandmas old farm, which made me cry, cause she passed away awhile ago ): ......... Also, I went to this beach hotel for a few days, which was really nice. It was definately easier to sleep at the hotel than in Seoul, because the ocean waves were nice. My cousin, my uncle, and I went to the beach one day while the water was away, and there was sand everywhere. A lot of people were catching these weird things in the sand, so we decided to do it, too. After paying ten cents to these people that had a stand next to the beach, they gave us a bottle full of salt and an empty bucket. There were these small holes in the sand, so we poured some salt in the holes, and sometimes, these weird stick-like things popped out. We grabbed them when they popped out, put them in the bucket, and were to eat them later. It was really weird, but fun. Does anyone know what those stick-like things are called? Ive never seen them before, but they were fun to catch xD and of course, I went shopping in Seoul , rode subways, all that good stuff. So that's pretty much it so far. I'm only going to be staying for a month this year, because I then have to go home and get ready for college life, which I'm slightly nervous about D: so.. Yeah. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Korea :3   Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:36 am

I believe those are clams xD ... I was asking my Dad today and he said it was some sort of clam o.e...

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Korea :3
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