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 Bluebell Farmhouse

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PostSubject: Bluebell Farmhouse   Tue May 25, 2010 10:31 pm

A "little" farmhouse lay near a river, it's roof blue, with circular windows, each decorated with a little box of the season's flowers under it. A mahogany door stood for the entrance, and inside everything was forcibly neat; and nothing was out of place. There was a little blue rug under the glass table; which had four wooden chairs with blue pillows on them. Close by, there's a TV, and two chests; one blue one with gold around it; and one gold with blue around it. The gold one with blue around it held his tools, and the other held his clothes. He had a trash bin close by his bed; and a bar-like thing that would hold records next to it. Beside his TV, there was a bookshelf that had books alphabetically ordered, a much smaller table that held a desk with plant vase with a Bluebell stuck there; a farming calender next to that; and then his journal; and beside that was his bed. Now, across the little hardwood floor; there was a door. When opened, it led to the bathroom. Inside, the bathroom had white and blue tiles; a blue towel hanging next to a large bathtub, and toiletries scattered around the mirror.

"Hope you enjoyed your visit!"
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Bluebell Farmhouse
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