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 Just a bit of snake oil, tin foil. [reserrvvedd.]

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Eternal Silence

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PostSubject: Just a bit of snake oil, tin foil. [reserrvvedd.]   Mon May 24, 2010 12:17 am

Arden flopped on her back. There was a huge lot of empty space right across the street from Lilia's chicken farm and Barley's...regular farm, and the lot seemed to serve no other purpose than to exist. There was a lot of empty space in this town; it was a nice break from the city, where you couldn't go two inches without suffocating on concrete. A lot about this town was a nice break from the city. But then again, so was Waffle Island, where Arden lived.

She was visiting Mineral Town on a whim. Her schedule for the day was clear, and she really didn't feel a need to fill it up. In fact, just the opposite sounded good to her. Her normally pale-as-a-sheet skin was tinged red from spending her summer lounging in the sun, and there was a tan line on her thighs, her shoulders, and her left wrist, where she wore her watch. She liked summer. The heat agreed with her ten times more than the snow and slush and cold. She sprawled out on the ground with her shorts and tank top wrinkling in the stiff breeze and sighed.

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PostSubject: Re: Just a bit of snake oil, tin foil. [reserrvvedd.]   Mon May 24, 2010 12:28 am

Adamaris was walking around; she was in a relaxed state at the moment. She was becoming familiar with Mineral Town; wondering when she could get her farm all up in order. She walks past a weird plot of land; it seemed to just stick out there. Adamaris looks at it funny; not seeing the girl lying down. She walks straight past; her jeans and T-shirt ruffling as the breeze picked up. Adamaris looked around; and jumped as soon as she saw the girl, whose name she did not know. Chest heaving from fright; she bows her head apologetically.
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Just a bit of snake oil, tin foil. [reserrvvedd.]
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