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 Evermore: the next twilight?

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PostSubject: Evermore: the next twilight?   Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:32 pm

Evermore is the name of a book by Alyson Noel. It is about the girl named Ever who loses her family (and dog) in a car accident. She is the soul serivior. She now has the abilities to hear people's thoughts, see their auras, and know their life story by touching them. (even the smallest touch) This new ultra super hot hottie-Damen-moves in, and ever finds out he can block out all the noise (noise being people's thoughts) and make her feel calm.(or something like that)

Ok so, i'm on the first book (there are three out right now, Noel is coming out with a fourth. All the books are copywritted "2009" dang that woman works fast!) and so far it's pretty good. I was kind of worried it'd be like a second twilight with an outcast girl and a Uber super HAWT guy moving in and taking an intrest in Ever. But so far on terms of smiliarites to Twilight, i'd say it's headed in a better direction. I;d have to finish the book, first. (Kazu-chan is bad at being a critic to some things, it took her a while to dislike twilight and find issues with it)

The first moment i layed eyes on the book in my friends hand (or read the back, i can't remeber) something screamed "Next big thing" meaning after the twilight era is over, Evermore will probably leap in its place. I was even told they were turing it ito a tv show! Ever being played by Avril, and Miles(Ever's >>Odd Chef<< friend) being played by Zack effron! but for all i know, that's just a rumor.

Ok, here are some things i greatly dislike:
-any disgusting refrences or talk about unnessasary things
-anything to do with 'darkness' or satanic-like things
-sex before marrige

ugh, the list goes on and on. What i'm trying to get here is, in terms of class, i'd give this book a 3/5 becuase some things are pretty disgusting or just plain wrong. Some of the things the book contains are some of my absolute dislikes above. expample(spoiler)


Even with all these rants, i can't say i dislike the book, either. Although i can't give a full rant on it until i've read the entire thing. I will update this once i finished the book (or i feel like it) toodles!

edit: i do not like this book,basically Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Evermore: the next twilight?   Tue Dec 08, 2009 10:36 pm

I haven't finished reading it yet, but it's sitting on my night table right now. (I have a tendency of reading like seven books at once.) I think it's an okay book. I'm pretty liberal as far as themes go, as long as they're presented in a realistic way. I'm pretty liberal, period. I don't get bothered by a lot of stuff unless it's blatant and useless.

I like Alyson Noel. I like her style of writing, and I like some of her other books. I don't think Evermore takes after Twilight, nor was it meant to: If we were to sit here and list all of the books that had a female protagonist and a super-hot male counterpart take interest in them, we'd be here for a while. I like Ever's character. I think she's interesting, and I like that she's not a cookie-cutter character. She's unique.

It's not fair to compare the two books, I think. The genres are similar, but there's more differences than similarities.

I also don't think Evermore will be the next Twilight-esque craze. It's a good book so far, but unless people want to go around pretending they can see auras too, it's probably not destined for extra-super-hype. There are a lot of kind of sci-fi fantasy kind of love novels out there.

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PostSubject: Re: Evermore: the next twilight?   Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:16 am

well..that is kinda disgusting..but homosexuality is okay..
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PostSubject: Re: Evermore: the next twilight?   

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Evermore: the next twilight?
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